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Think about all of the things your smile makes possible... new jobs, friendships, romances. How many opportunities will you miss because you are not quite comfortable with the way your teeth look? Dr. Barker & Dr. Rohner have dedicated their practice to making sure you feel good about your smile... and the care they will bring to it.

Our practice incorporates the newest in technology and procedures. With our doctors advanced training in general dentistry, surgery and aesthetic procedures, we are allowed to offer a full range of services to our clients. We love treating adults and children and believe that comprehensive care leads to better outcomes for the patient.

Our Vision: The delivery of healthcare offers many opportunities today for both providers and their patients. Dentistry's place in the overall delivery of healthcare is no different. Changes occur daily in both the technical and philosophical arenas of dental diagnosis and treatment. It is our belief that healthcare professionals have an obligation to the development, maintenance, and enrichment of our profession. We achieve this through integrity, continued learning and effective communication with our patients, our staff and our outside support personnel.

Commitment to dental health is a concept that each patient must embrace. It encompasses both the prevention of disease, and effective planning and delivery of dental care. Once commitment on the part of the patient is in place, our pledge is to achieve and maintain optimal dental health for each and every patient through comprehensive and individualized treatment recommendations and careful follow up and maintenance.

Our philosophy (or vision) is something that we enjoy sharing with others for we feel it represents a unique approach to quality care. Each one of us commits to excellence for our patients and each other. We continually strive to perform our special skills as best as we possibly can and never lose the desire for even higher achievements. Our goal is to make a difference in each of our patients lives, as well as a difference in each others lives and continually work to create an environment that is constantly enlightening for patients and staff.

We seek input from our patients, friends, colleagues and staff in helping to maintain the highest level of dedication to excellence in prevention and comprehensive dental care.